Unlocking the power of scientific data 

Powerful Synergies.


BenevolentAI integrates AI technologies at every step of the drug discovery process: from early discovery to late stage clinical development.

Our platform of computational and experimental technologies and processes, draws on vast quantities of mined and inferred biomedical data and is built and used by our world-class scientists, researchers, and technologists, working side-by-side, to improve and accelerate every steps of the drug discovery process. Our strength comes from this integrated, end-to-end approach, combined with a relentless pursuit of scientific and technological excellence.

Knowledge Architecture

Target Identification

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Molecular Design

Precision Medicine


Moving away from “one-size-fits-all” treatments.

One of the reasons that development of new treatments is so challenging is that the underlying cause of disease in individual groups of patients is often not fully understood.

A single disease may be caused by multiple underlying mechanisms in different patients; effective treatments require a precise targeting of one or more of these by a precision designed drug given to the patient group that shares the same underlying mechanistic cause of their disease. Our goal is to use our AI platform to identify drug targets that control these mechanism(s), and make drugs to correct them. It’s the mechanism of most relevance to specific patient groups we are focusing on treating.

At BenevolentAI, we are operating a fundamental shift in the drug development approach. Instead of waiting years for results on a patient group that might not be the right candidate for that treatment, we focus on understanding the disease mechanisms at the earliest stage of our programmes and to identify the patients who are likely to respond to a treatment.

BenevolentAI research and drug programmes.

Developed in-house or in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies or research groups, our research & drug programmes focus on the comprehension of the underlying mechanisms of diseases. Our platform is disease agnostics and our breath of expertise currently focus on hard-to-treat and rare diseases in neurology, immunology, oncology and inflammation.


Our multi-disciplinary approach to drug discovery and development.