Because it matters.

Accelerating the journey from data to medicine.


More Effective Medicine.


Our aim is to improve patients’ lives. We create and use AI technologies to transform the way medicines are discovered, developed, tested and brought to market.  

We have developed the Benevolent Platform™ - a leading computational and experimental discovery platform that allows our scientists to find new ways to treat disease and personalise medicines to patients. The Benevolent Platform™ focuses on three key areas: Target Identification, Molecular Design and Precision Medicine.


For every patient.

I work here because I want to transform drug discovery to serve every patient equally. I want to develop AI that benefits society
— Alix. VP Data Science, New York

Data-driven drug discovery.

BenevolentAI Novartis

Novartis Collaboration: Advancing Oncology Drug Development with Precision Medicine.

“Improving best practices for the use of data in AI will lead to better and fairer outcomes”.

Interpret: Constructing large scale biomedical knowledge bases from scratch.


Where it happens.



We're headquartered in London’s ‘Knowledge Quarter,’ where our neighbours include Google, Facebook, the Alan Turing Institute, the Francis Crick Institute, UCL and the Wellcome Trust.


We operate our own state-of-the-art BenevolentAI drug discovery and development facility, on the world famous Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge UK.

New York

Our New York office opened in 2017 and looks out onto the Brooklyn Bridge. The team is twenty-strong and growing, and works side-by-side within squads that span all our locations.


We have a small team of engineers in Antwerp, Belgium.


Lately at BenevolentAI.


PRess release | September 17, 2019

BenevolentAI announces $90 million investment from Temasek.

The funding will be used to scale and further develop the Benevolent Platform for drug discovery and development. BenevolentAI will continue to advance its growing pipeline of internal drug development programmes and collaborations with strategic partners across its key therapeutic areas. Most recently, BenevolentAI announced long-term collaborations with AstraZeneca and Novartis, which will generate meaningful revenues for BenevolentAI over a multi-year period.