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Accelerating the journey from data to medicine

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Data to drugs.


What we do

We are an AI company with end-to-end capability from early drug discovery to late-stage clinical development. BenevolentAI combines the power of computational medicine and advanced AI with the principles of open systems and cloud computing to transform the way medicines are designed, developed, tested and brought to market.

The Benevolent Platform is designed to power target identification so we can find new ways to treat a disease, molecular design so we can develop the most effective medicines, and clinical mechanistic stratification so we can understand how individual patients will respond to treatment. We combine all three to generate new insights into the underlying causes of disease, as well as routes to new or more effective treatments.

Our approach has brought together experts from technology, research and scientific domains to work side by side on better, faster ways to develop new medicines. This diversity, combined with our expertise and open working practices, creates an optimum environment for innovation and scientific breakthrough.

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Why we do it

We built the Benevolent Platform to better understand disease and to design new, and improve existing treatments, from vast quantities of biomedical information. We believe our technology empowers scientists to develop medicines faster and more cost-efficiently.

A new research paper is published every 30 seconds yet scientists currently only use a fraction of the knowledge available to understand the cause of disease and propose new treatments. Our platform ingests, 'reads' and contextualises vast quantities of information drawn from written documents, databases and experimental results. It is able to make infinitely more deductions and inferences across these disparate, complex data sources, identifying and creating relationships, trends and patterns, that would be impossible for a human being to make alone.

The BenevolentAI Platform enables the evolution of ideas at an unprecedented scale - augmenting scientists to design drugs and bring new treatments to patients, faster, with an increased likelihood of success in a process which is notoriously complex.

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Artificial intelligence could be the solution for a broken drug discovery model.
— Professor Jackie Hunter
We are here to deliver something powerful, and that makes me proud to be part of this business.
— Eve, BenevolentAI Cambridge

For every patient.

I work here because I want to transform drug discovery to serve every patient equally. I want to develop AI that benefits society
— Alix. Data Scientist, New York

Where it happens.



We're headquartered in London’s ‘Knowledge Quarter,’ where our neighbours include Google, Facebook, the Alan Turing Institute, the Francis Crick Institute, UCL and the Wellcome Trust.

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New York

Our New York office opened this year and looks out onto the Brooklyn Bridge. The team is twenty-strong and growing, and works side-by-side within squads that span all our locations. 

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Cambridge, UK

We operate our own state-of-the-art BenevolentAI drug discovery and development facility, on the world famous Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge UK. 

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We have a small but perfectly formed team of engineers in Antwerp, Belgium, led by Benevolent's SVP Technology.