Our team behind the scenes at SXSW | Next steps: From molecule design to medicine

Following target identification and endotyping, we have the ability to design molecule compounds and progress these into clinical trials. Our team walks through our approach in this video to conclude the series extracted from our SXSW keynote session.

Our teams were able to identify lists of possible gene targets involved in disease by applying AI models on diverse sets of data such as scientific literature, patents or chemical databases and from patient data such electronic health records or multi-omics datasets.

Following the generation of the list of targets, molecular design can start. Here we are trying to tackle an important aspect of making the drug brain penetrant. This is an important step where our team of scientists and machine learning researchers identify, design and test the best molecules.

The collaboration between our scientists and machine learning researchers gives us the strength and the ability to rethink the process of drug discovery and development, improve it and find creative solutions. We always put patients at the heart of everything we do and this is reflected in the approaches we take.

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