GuacaMol: Benchmarking Models for De Novo Molecular Design 

De novo design seeks to generate molecules with required property profiles by virtual design-make-test cycles. With the emergence of deep learning and neural generative models in many application areas, models for molecular design based on neural networks appeared recently and show promising results.

However, the new models have not been profiled on consistent tasks, and comparative studies to well-established algorithms have only seldom been performed. To standardise the assessment of both classical and neural models for de novo molecular design, we propose an evaluation framework, GuacaMol, based on a suite of standardised benchmarks.

The benchmark tasks encompass measuring the fidelity of the models to reproduce the property distribution of the training sets, the ability to generate novel molecules, the exploration and exploitation of chemical space, and a variety of single and multi-objective optimisation tasks. The benchmarking framework is available as an open-source Python package.




Distribution benchmarks

Goal directed benchmarks

Submit your work

If you developed a model for de novo molecular design, you can evaluate it with the GuacaMol benchmarks with the open-source GuacaMol framework. If you would like your model to appear in the leaderboard, please send your JSON files (generated by GuacaMol) to

Also, please reach out if you want assistance with the GuacaMol framework or if you have any questions about its usage.

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