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events Jul 25, 2017

MLSB/ISMB - Workshop on Machine Learning and Systems Biology

BenevolentAI will be sponsoring MLSB Workshop on Machine Learning in Systems Biology. Our team will be present and we encourage to get in touch. Job opportunities are opened.


Jul 25, 2017


09:00 AM


Prague, Czech Republic

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Summary of the event

Biology is rapidly turning into an information science, thanks to enormous advances in the ability to observe the molecular properties of cells, organs and individuals. This wealth of data allows us to model molecular systems at an unprecedented level of detail and to start to understand the underlying biological mechanisms. This field of systems biology creates a huge need for methods from machine learning, which find statistical dependencies and patterns in these large-scale datasets and that use them to establish models of complex molecular systems. MLSB is a scientific forum for the exchange between researchers from Systems Biology and Machine Learning, to promote the exchange of ideas, interactions and collaborations between these communities.

Meet Magda Zwierzyna, biomedical data scientist will be presenting be giving a talk and presenting a poster at the main conference on mining and classification of in-vivo assays descriptions.

You can find more information on the event page