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events Sep 14, 2017

Artificial Intelligence in Bioscience Symposium

The AI in Bioscience Symposium is an annual one day conference that aims to foster collaboration between experts in AI, technology, academia and the life sciences industry

Hosted by

The Alan Turing Insitute, BenevolentAI, The Francis Crick Institute, Knowledge Quarter, The Wellcome Trust, UCL


Sep 14, 2017


08:30 AM


British Library 96 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2DB

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The Symposium sees respected experts from around the world present on the latest trends, developments, successes, challenges and predictions in the fields of AI and bioscience.  

The symposium will focus on initiatives from academia or industry that integrate technology to improve life sciences processes. We will provide a diverse and inspirational programme that will give a perspective on what is being done currently and what could be done in the future.


The programme is now available, have a look!



Applying AI to life science

A growing number of companies and academics are proposing AI solutions to fundamental issues that occur in the life science and healthcare industries -  from improving patient care to advancing and accelerating research, innovation and life science discovery.

What are these technologies?

How do they interact with data?

What results do they bring?

How are they applied?

Where could they benefit other life sciences domains?


Using AI technology

From pharmaceutical industries and research groups to academia, charities and foundations, the life science industry is beginning to embrace AI.

Speakers at the symposium will discuss how they are using AI to disrupt and advance life science, their experiences of building and integrating AI, the results and achievements of their work, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. 


What will be the outcomes?

  • Discover the latest AI innovations in life sciences

  • Understand challenges from the life science point of views

  • Bring together AI and Life science experts to encourage discussions

  • Initiate potential projects & partnership

  • Meet relevant people that could improve both the way AI technologies are built and developed and how AI technologies could improve life sciences processes


More information are available on the symsposium website |