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BenevolentAI at NIPS 2018

Neural Information Processing Systems Conference (NIPS 2018)

BenevolentAI NIPS 2018

BenevolentAI’s team will be attending and speaking at NIPS 2018. We look forward to meeting you there! We will be at the exhibitor area on booth number 615. If you’d like to get in touch before or during NIPS contact us!

Expo presentation

Sunday 2 December at 16h30, the BAI team will be giving a 60 mins talk about our AI platform and discuss the great opportunity it represents for pharmaceuticals and drug development.

Artificial Intelligence for Target identification in Drug Discovery with Amir Saffari, VP AI research at BenevolentAI.

A key challenge in the drug discovery process is the identification of potential therapeutic targets for a given disease. This process requires selecting both a target and an entity, often a compound, for modulating the target’s activity to validate its association with a disease. An additional complication is that heretofore unknown targets may be more challenging to identify but offer increased opportunities for the development of novel drugs. At BenevolentAI, we use machine learning throughout the entire process. Relation extraction models drive our pipeline. In conjunction with structured data and our own experimental results, this processing pipeline ingests information from scientific publications, abstracts, patents. Next, this biological knowledge graph is leveraged to form predictions using relational inference algorithms, including matrix factorisation and graph convolutional models. These predictions are aggregated together with machine learning models built on genomics data and information mined from text. Druggability, tissue specificity, and other metadata are then added to surface the most promising targets to test in the lab. This talk will describe our process and highlight some of our early successes .


We are inviting you to our booth where we’ll show you demos of some of our AI and machine learning tools that help our scientists to accelerate our journey from data to medicines.

Our approach is to integrate technology across the entire medicinal R&D process (rather than fragments of it) and by doing so solve fundamental innovation roadblocks such as the ability to ingest large data sets, meaningful reasoning on those data sets, validation of ideas from those data sets and the rapid experimentation of those ideas.


Come and say Hi to us on booth 615, chat with our team about job opportunities at BAI, or discuss possible collaborations and partnerships.

Join the team

If you asked our team why they have joined BAI, most of them will respond: “What we do truly matters”. Our collaborative approach with our in-house drug discovery and development scientists bring our technology at the closest of our scientists needs. Our aim? Bring better treatments for every patients.

Paidi, one of our senior ML researcher says:

“At Benevolent I can work on interesting and challenging problems, and see my colleagues apply the solutions I develop in real drug discovery programmes as soon as they are available.”

If you aspire to truly make a difference, it is probably the time to cease the opportunity and find out more about how you can contribute. Come and meet us!

In the meantime, here are a few open positions in London and New York that you may be interested in:


Machine Learning/Cheminformatics Data Scientist

NLP AI Scientist / Relationship Extraction

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

New York

Machine Learning Chemistry AI Scientist

If you are not finding any jobs suitable for you, please reach out anyway. We are looking for brilliant minds, always!

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Looking forward to meet you there!

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