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Applied technology that drives scientific discovery

BenevolentAI harnesses artificial intelligence to enhance and accelerate scientific discovery by making sense of highly fragmented information to create new insights and usable knowledge that benefit society.

Our Story

Joining the dots in a highly fragmented world of information

Despite the huge growth of knowledge and information (a new paper is published every 30 seconds), the process of scientific discovery has not changed for 50 years.  Consequently, only a small fraction of globally generated scientific information has been used to form usable knowledge.

BenevolentAI is solving this problem by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to enable the analysis of vast amounts of scientific information. By doing so, it is giving the brightest scientific minds the augmented insight and analytical tools they need to create usable and deep knowledge – allowing the rapid acceleration of scientific discovery. 

Applying AI to benefit mankind

BenevolentAI is a technology company which is developing and applying advanced technologies to solve some of the biggest challenges facing mankind.  Our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology together with’s unique team of the world’s best scientists and technologists enables the Company to access and analyse huge amounts of scientific  data, test hypotheses and draw conclusions faster

By harnessing its technology, the company has already accelerated major breakthroughs in the area of human health – particularly in the study of neurological diseases

Creating usable knowledge for new drug discovery

Nowhere do humans create more complex data and information than in pharmaceutical R&D. Until now, we haven’t had the means to connect, analyse and use this mass of information effectively.

In forging a union between biomedicine and artificial technology, BenevolentAI has discovered the key to accelerating major new discoveries in the pharmaceutical sector. The application of its technology has the potential to minimise the huge costs, time scales and risks associated with the development of new drugs.       

Currently the company is focussed on discovering breakthrough treatments for neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, orphan diseases such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and rare cancers.

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It’s BenevolentAI's people that drive its innovation and fuel its ambition to create usable knowledge that benefits society.

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