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Enabling 21st Century scientific innovation

BenevolentAI is the world leader in the development and application of artificial intelligence for scientific innovation.  We are the largest private AI company in Europe and one of the top five private AI companies in the world.  

Changing the way discovery happens

Despite the explosive growth of data, scientific discovery has not changed for 50 years.  It is impossible for humans alone to process all the world’s available scientific data and literature.  Consequently, only a tiny fraction of scientific knowledge is accessible, decipherable and usable at any one point in time to a given scientist.

Augmenting human intelligence

BenevolentAI uses proprietary AI and machine learning technology, together with its own unique team of pioneering scientists, to look deeply into vast scientific research data sets - rapidly forming and qualifying hypotheses, generating new insights and enabling hitherto impossible scientific intuition and innovation at previously unimaginable scale.  

Discovering new medicines

We began with a focus on bioscience – increasing the understanding of human biology by ingesting the entire compendium of information on human health and biological systems.  We are applying this knowledge to pharmaceutical development to bring better medicines to patients faster.

Our benevolent world

Find out what’s been going on in our benevolent world below, from our latest news, events and breaking research developments.

Feb 21, 2018 blog - benevolentai

RESEARCH | Exploring deep recurrent models with reinforcement learning for molecule design

The design of small molecules with bespoke properties is of central importance to drug discovery. However significant challenges yet remain for computational methods, despite recent advances such as deep recurrent networks and reinforcement learning strategies for sequence generation, and it can be difficult to compare results across different works.

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