Benevolent Sponsorships

PhD Sponsorships.


We are partnering with the UCL Centre for Doctoral Training in AI-Enabled Healthcare to fund two PhDs which will explore research areas interrogating how machine learning and data science can be used to better research human genetics and detect complex phenotypes in medical data.

UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in AI-enabled Healthcare

Application closed

Machine Learning for high-throughput Phenotyping and Comorbidity Mapping in EHR data

Delivering personalised treatment relies on accurately identifying diseases and their subtypes. Machine learning has the potential to accomplish this by finding patterns in the large volumes Electronic Health Record data collected whenever patients interact with healthcare systems. These insights can lead to new understanding of the underlying mechanisms of disease and potentially help identify novel drug targets and targeted therapies. here →

Application closed

Combining Mendelian randomisation and machine learning for drug target validation in complex disease |

Mendelian randomisation is an established tool for causal inference using human genetics. Combining Mendelian randomisation with machine learning methods, allows modelling of between many drug target-encoding genes, biological pathways and disease outcomes can be modelled. Developing this powerful combination holds great potential in the hunt for safe and effective new drugs.


Introducing the BenevolentAI and UCL PhDs

Inviting students to train as the experts of tomorrow in applying machine learning to human genetics and electronic health records. At BenevolentAI, we use AI to improve drug discovery in order to bring safe and effective new medicines into routine clinical practice more quickly for the benefit of patients. Our discovery platform uses cutting edge AI technology to identify novel drug targets, design new drug molecules, find the patients most likely to benefit from them and design the most efficient clinical trials. We collaborate with many academic scientists in leading institutions around the world such as UCL and these close relationships form a vital part of how we develop and use our platform.