At Benevolent we have this message that glows in neon in our lobby. It says “Because it matters".

It shines brightly and inspires and unites us in a shared purpose.  And it defines and guides all that we do. We believe that unconventional thinking combined with purposeful technology can truly change the world. We have over 200 world class biologists, chemists, engineers, informaticians, and data scientists, working in radical cross-functional squads to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence. They work to unlock the power of decades of research, to understand the underlying cause of disease and to develop new treatments for the millions of patients that need them.

Our mission is to unlock the power of AI to transform drug discovery and bring effective medicines to every patient.

Our vision is to drive transformational change through scalable technology solutions that result in a consistent pipeline of successful trials and new medicines for patients.

From Data to Medicine.

Our team is harnessing the power of AI to accelerate the journey from data to medicine. It’s a journey that starts with formulating a hypothesis that predicts the underlying cause of a disease and follows that through many rounds of experimentation and testing until we validate that hypothesis. Then we begin the process of designing, synthesising and developing a new compound to treat that disease for a specific group of patients that are most likely to respond to that medicine. This is a radically different approach to traditional drug discovery and helps uncover new knowledge to discover and develop more effective medicines, faster than ever before.


We do it to benefit humanity.

We do it to transform the way medicines are discovered and developed.

And we do it because it matters.


Transforming the drug discovery process.