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news Jun 2, 2014

BenevolentAI announces partnership with major US pharmaceutical company to develop novel Alzheimer’s medicines

London, 2 June 2014 - BenevolentAI, a leading British artificial intelligence (“AI”) company today announced that it has entered into a research and development collaboration with a major US pharmaceutical company for the development of drugs against two novel targets that were identified using BenevolentAI’s proprietary JAC System (“JACS”) for Alzheimer’s disease. 

JACS is an internally developed artificial intelligence system that augments the way a research scientist mines, connects and creates new knowledge. By combining the use of JACS, other cutting edge technologies as well as traditional pharmacological techniques, BenevolentAI and its partner are aiming to be at the forefront of efforts to discover and develop new medicines for this terrible disease. 

With this collaboration, BenevolentAI will receive a significant up-front payment, up to $400m of early stage milestones, up to $400m of later stage milestones plus royalties on sales of products originating from this agreement.