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tech May 16, 2018

AI Scientist (NLP Relationship Extraction) - London

We are seeking an AI Scientist / Machine Learning Researcher with a record of excellence in empirical research in natural language processing (NLP) and relationship extraction (RE) to join our London office. You will be responsible for developing and executing a research agenda around the core problems we work on at BenevolentAI - scientific discovery from structured and unstructured data sources.

Our goal is to bring together world-class AI Scientists / Machine Learning Researchers to advance the understanding of scientific discovery and to bring this understanding to the tools built at BenevolentAI. Our primary focus is to accelerate the discovery of therapeutic treatments (drugs) for human diseases.


The Company – BenevolentAI

This is a great opportunity to get involved at a company with strong financial backing and global ambitions. BenevolentAI is the global leader in the development and application of AI for scientific innovation and one of the world’s top five private AI companies. It is transforming the process of scientific discovery by enabling previously unimaginable scientific advances in the accelerated development of new medicines.

Our London office is centrally located in the Kings Cross, knowledge quarter.

We’re a relaxed office, with a friendly atmosphere and a diverse team of clever people from around the world. We can offer an attractive benefits package and competitive salary.

Our mission is to increase the efficiency and success of the R&D process. Society has created huge quantities of complex information and data but the ability to use this to create knowledge for drug discovery and development is still at its infancy. BenevolentAI combines experts in AI to improve these tools with researchers from drug discovery, and our aim is to discover and commercialize many new treatments, especially for rare diseases, at a cost 100x lower than traditional pharmaceutical companies.



The ideal candidate will have:

If you would like to join our growing group of scientists / researchers to have direct impact in the goals of our company by advancing drug discovery, we would love to hear from you.

BenevolentAI is a unique company in the AI space because we don’t need to sell or hype up AI. Instead, we believe we can reap the benefits of our own AI, demonstrating world changing improvements in the discovery process by making these discoveries ourselves.



We offer a great opportunity to do what you like, while doing something that will improve and save millions of people’s lives. Please send your CV and a cover letter to our team here