How we work

One mission, one team, one platform.


We work to combine depth of expertise and interdisciplinary collaboration to generate synergies across the whole drug discovery and development process. It’s an approach that we have in common with the world’s most successful disruptive companies, and we believe it is helping us create a powerful business, with the conditions for innovation built in from the start. 

We believe our integrated approach and our state-of-the-art platform represents a blueprint for those who look to reimagine and accelerate the journey from data to better medicines.


Our values


Put patients first.

  • Everything we do is geared to getting the right medicine to the right patient, faster

  • We each know the impact we create every day in helping to deliver value to patients

  • We place patient insights and data at the heart of our work

Break boundaries.

  • We deliberately cross traditional boundaries between technology and science, human and machine, to create unique approaches

  • We fearlessly invite difficult questions and diverse opinions

  • We relentlessly challenge assumptions and ask “why not?”


Own the solution.

  • We never hold back from contributing our point of view and taking responsibility

  • We say what we’re doing and we do what we’re saying

  • We champion positivity and persistence, focusing on solutions, not problems

Drive to delivery.

  • We use data to drive decision-making and deliver with the right level of validation

  • We support each other in taking measured risks in order to innovate

  • We prioritise ruthlessly and fixate on the fastest path to success

Our conversations are not about seeking permission to do something, but all about getting something done.
— Peter, Exploratory Research, London
I think we’re really breaking the mould here. We’re neither a pharma/biotech nor a typical tech company. We’re a whole new breed. I can sit and have a conversation with an AI technologist and it just blows my mind what we actually do.
— Sneha, Business Development, London