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STHLM Tech Fest w/ Ken Mulvany

The startup ecosystem is on fire and people everywhere are taking notice.

To celebrate the success of the startup industry in 2018, STHLM TECH FEST is raising the bar by bringing together 14 Tech Conferences, 50+ Events and Parties, totaling 36,000 expected guests (and growing) for the inaugural  STHLM TECH WEEK - one of the biggest and most dynamic and diverse gathering of geeks anywhere. As a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Europe’s largest private AI company Ken Mulvany will be sharing his top tips for AI startups.

Ken's Biography


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Ken is a serial entrepreneur, investor and healthcare and technology veteran with more than 20 years of business leadership experience. He was previously CEO of Proximagen, a UK-based biotech company committed to delivering novel drugs and innovative new treatments for central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Following the acquisition of this business, Ken began to think deeply about the drug discovery landscape. He founded BenevolentAI with two very specific ambitions: firstly, to build a technology that could ingest all of the world's available bioscience information, and secondly, to create a “thinking” technology to reason on all of that data, making new knowledge available to scientists and their research.

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