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events Mar 13, 2018

WIRED Health

Meet Jackie Hunter, CEO BenevolentBio and more than 500 healthcare, pharmaceutical and technology influencers and leaders at the fifth annual WIRED Health event in London.

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Mar 13, 2018


05:09 PM



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Jackie Hunter will be giving a talk on how Artificial Intelligence is disrupting big pharma.

Despite the huge growth of knowledge and information the process of biomedical discovery has not changed for 50 years.  In the modern world, it impossible for humans alone to process all the complex information potentially available to them for the advancement of scientific research.  For example, a new scientific paper is published every 30 seconds and there are thousands of updates to PubMed every day.  Consequently, only a small fraction of globally generated scientific information can form ‘useable’ knowledge.

Jackie Hunter will present on how AI can offer a solution to this problem and how she believes  machine learning technology is changing how new medicines are discovered and developed.  She will also discuss how AI, rather than supplant human intelligence, will, instead, augment it and that such augmentation is indeed essential to solve some of the world’s great scientific challenges, in this case the discovery of new medicines. AI provides experienced scientists with the analytical tools they need to design better compounds faster.


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