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events Dec 4, 2015

The science behind dementia, by Dr Simon Ridley, Head of Research, Alzheimer’s Research UK

Internal Talk at BenevolentAI


Dec 4, 2015


12:00 AM


BenevolentAI, 40 churchway, NW1 1LW

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Dr Simon Ridley came to visit BenevolentAI to introduce his work on Alzheimer’s, one of the most complex diseases of our time. For our team, who develop artificial intelligence and then apply it to drug discovery, it is crucial to understand the complexity of diseases as well as the difficulties researchers meet during their quest for a cure. Understanding these challenges enable our tech team, most of whom don’t have a medical research background, to establish the area of focus.

Dementia, including Alzheimer’s is not a disease, rather a combination of brain diseases and this is where the complexity resides. Currently there are treatments that help symptoms but we still don’t have any treatments which can prevent, slow or stop the progression of any dementia pathology. Despite funds allocated to dementia research being increased to probably the highest they have ever been, more work is needed to understand and therefore fight these diseases which increase with age, especially in our society where we are living longer and longer due to other medical advances.