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Pharmacology 2018 - British Pharmacology Society

Join Jackie Hunter and Magda Zwierzyna for talks and posters at the British Pharmacology Society Event on the 20 December 2018.

Jackie Hunter, Chief Executive, Clinical Programmes & Strategic Relationships at BenevolentAI will discuss How AI is Disrupting Drug Discovery.

Magda Zwierzyna, Bioinformatics Data Scientist, will give a talk on her last paper: A side effect prediction method using a comprehensive knowledge graph and network embeddings as well as present a poster on Clinical trial design and dissemination: comprehensive analysis of and PubMed data since 2005

Jackie's Biography

Jackie Hunter BenevolentAI

Professor Jackie Hunter held senior positions at global pharmaceutical organisations including GSK, Proximagen and OI Pharma Partners before joining BenevolentAI as a Director in 2016. She brings vast academic and business experience in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors. She directs the application of BenevolentAI’s technology for clinical development and gives the company the insight it needs to operate its unique business model – one which sees it not only researching, but also developing the blueprint for new drugs.



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