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FT Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference w/ Jackie Hunter

Jackie Hunter will be joining a panel discussion around Digital R&D and AI, alongside representatives from Novartis, twoXAR and ICON.

Panel: Digital R&D: AI - The Reckoning?

The burgeoning field of AI is attracting increasing amounts of investment from pharma companies who are putting their faith in the technology's ability to deliver the next big leaps in drug development. Opinions differ, however, on the extent that AI will bring down costs in R&D or find cures, with no drugs yet discovered or commercialised with AI. The complexities of implementation, the issues of data collection, quality and the need for scale, meanwhile, are often underplayed amidst the hype. Where will AI add value to pharma R&D, and where will it not? Are current algorithms focusing on the right things? How are standalone AI drug companies doing things differently, and when might we see the first AI-developed drug?

  • Badhri Srinivasan, Head, Global Development Operations, Novartis

  • Jackie Hunter, Board Director, BenevolentAI

  • Andrew A. Radin, Co-founder and CEO, twoXAR

  • Andrew Garrett, Executive Vice President Scientific Operations, ICON

  • Moderator: Sarah Neville, Global Pharmaceuticals Editor, Financial Times

Jackie’s Biography

Jackie Hunter.png

Professor Jackie Hunter is Chief Executive, Clinical Programmes & Strategic Relationships. She held senior positions at global pharmaceutical organisations including GSK, Proximagen and OI Pharma Partners before joining BenevolentAI as a Director in 2016. She brings vast academic and business experience in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors. She directs the application of BenevolentAI’s technology for clinical development and gives the company the insight it needs to operate its unique business model – one which sees it not only researching, but also developing the blueprint for new drugs.



BenevolentAI announces agreement with leading healthcare company to leverage BenevolentAI’s technology platform.

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