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Cambridge University Chemical Society w/ Ian Churcher

AI in chemistry & drug discovery. The next great thing or just fake news? Join Ian Churcher, VP of Drug Discovery at BenevolentAI at Cambridge University Chemical Society


Chemistry is central to many parts of the drug discovery & development process from validating drug targets, identifying optimised molecules as drugs as well as synthesis and scale up. Across all these applications, artificial intelligence and machine learning has the potential to help chemists answer difficult questions and progress their research more quickly and efficiently. This talk will describe some of the current applications of AI approaches in chemistry and also how we can integrate and increase their utility further to solve increasingly difficult scientific challenges in the future.

Ian's Biography

Ian Churcher, VP Drug Discovery BenevolentAI

Ian is currently VP of Drug Discovery at BenevolentAI where he is applying a range of artificial intelligence approaches to all phases of drug discovery and development. Prior to this, for 5 years, he led the Protein Degradation Discovery Performance Unit at GSK, one of the pioneering groups who, working with Prof Craig Crews, demonstrated the application of Protac approaches to drug discovery. Ian has previously held a number of drug discovery & medicinal chemistry roles in GSK and Merck where he has always championed novel technologies and strategies to discover drugs. Ian was also a Visiting Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford from where he also holds MA and D.Phil degrees.