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British Association for Cancer Research w/ Nathan Brown

  • The Francis Crick Institute London (map)

Nathan Brown, Head of Cheminformatics at BenevolentAI will be participating to a discussion at the Francis Crick Institute around “the challenges preventing Cancer cure”

The aim of the discussion is to understand the different perspectives on cancer medicine and research, present and future. The discussion will also focus on the perspectives artificial intelligence will bring on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and also on the the development of therapies.

We share the summary of the discussion afterwards. Stay tuned.

Read the event blog post: Using AI to Optimise Small-Molecule Drug Design.

Nathan's Biography


Nathan is recognised as a global thought-leader in Chemoinformatics and computational drug discovery, and is the inventor of the first multiobjective de novo molecular design system. He joined BenevolentAI in 2017 from The Institute of Cancer Research, London where he founded and led the In Silico Medicinal Chemistry team for over ten years, with significant scientific impact on drugs in active clinical trials, and the development of new algorithms for drug discovery. Nathan has published over 40 papers and three books; is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry; and is the 2017 recipient of the Corwin Hansch Award.

Nathan’s latest publication

Artificial Intelligence In Drug Discovery