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Olink Proteomics data science symposium w/ Daniel Swerdlow

Join Daniel Swerlow, Drug Discovery Physician at BenevolentAI for a talk on Discovering drugs in the growing pool of omics - a role for AI

Dan's Biography

Daniel Swerlow, drug discovery physician BenevolentAI

Dan works on building and deploying BenevolentAI’s translational medicine and ‘omics capabilities, seeking to derive greatest value from clinical and molecular data about large numbers of individuals for drug discovery using machine learning. He brings clinical insights to the design of workflows in these data and to the interpretation of their findings. He also leads on data stewardship at BenevolentAI, ensuring excellence in all data handling for drug discovery. Prior to joining BenevolentAI, Dan worked in genomics-driven drug development at Genomics plc, and as a clinical academic at University College London and Imperial College with clinical practice in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. In his academic roles, he has led a number of international research consortia using genetics for drug target identification and validation in cardiometabolic disease.