Industrial Placement (biological sciences) - 1 year FTC

Our vision

BenevolentAI, founded in 2013, is an advanced technology company focused on accelerating the journey from data to medicines. It is the world’s only technology company with end-to-end capability from early discovery to late stage clinical development.

We are looking for a fast-learning and scientifically curious placement student currently studying for an undergraduate degree in the biological sciences (including eg biology, biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, cell biology) with an interest in applying their knowledge to find new ways to identify new medicines to currently untreated diseases.

As a placement student within BenevolentAI, you will be an integral part of one or more project teams and will learn how we use AI approaches to prioritise the best ideas and experiments and then test these ideas in the lab using a range of cell biology & pharmacology techniques with the ultimate goal of identifying molecules suitable to test in clinical studies. We have active projects against a number of disease areas ranging from cancer through to neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune, rare diseases and others. Our projects are fast moving and some may change by the time you start your placement so unfortunately we can’t say which disease area you’d be working in but if you’d like to work in a specific disease area, let us know and we’ll see what might be possible.

You will have a dedicated supervisor to help you learn and get the best out of your placement. Good familiarity and experience with a range of lab-based experimental approaches is required but you’ll receive full training on the specific laboratory techniques you’ll be using along with associated health and safety considerations.

What BenevolentAI can offer you: responsibilities & opportunities

  • You will provide laboratory-based experimental input into one or more projects helping to generate data in the lab to support our AI-generated therapeutic hypotheses.

  • You will receive training and learn to carry out biological experiments which could include: cellular assays of drug action, cell culture, molecular biology techniques, cellular imaging and many others.

  • As a key part of a project team, you’ll work closely with others from areas such as AI/machine learning, medicinal chemistry, drug metabolism and in vivo pharmacology to design and coordinate project plans and experimental plans.

  • You’ll need to record all your experiments in our electronic lab notebook so we have an accurate record of all of your work.

  • You’ll have the chance to work with world-leading machine learning/AI scientists to learn how BenevolentAI is applying a range of AI approaches to drug discovery & development projects.

  • You’ll share your results with the rest of the team and beyond through written reports and oral presentations and you may also contribute to writing scientific publications or patent applications.

  • Your safety is very important to us so, following the safety guidance and training you’ll be given, you’ll be able to work in a way which keeps both you and all those around you safe in the lab at all times.

What we’re looking for in you

  • You’ll have an excellent understanding of your specialist area of study within the biological sciences (eg biology, biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, cell biology), of human biology and how different medicines can be used to treat disease. You’ll be on track to achieve a first class or upper second class degree.

  • A desire to learn about how to discover new medicines to treat a range of disease.

  • You’ll be a fast learner who thrives in a varied and fast-moving environment, learning, using new ideas and coming up with your own ideas every day.

  • We need someone who can demonstrate responsibility with the potential to work independently once trained, though someone who should also not be afraid to ask questions and seek clarification when needed.

  • You’ll enjoy working in a team and be able to easily communicate with others in your team and beyond to listen and understand the goals of the work, to share your results, to discuss scientific results & conclusions freely and to make new suggestions of future work.

  • You’ll be fun to work with and will play a full part in all aspects of your project and broader research at BenevolentAI!

The placement will be based at BenevolentAI’s Cambridge research centre based at the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge. You’ll receive a competitive salary and benefits during your placement.

Closing date: January 4, 2019

About BenevolentAI

BenevolentAI, founded in 2013, is an advanced technology company focused on accelerating the journey from data to medicines. It is the world’s only technology company with end-to-end capability from early discovery to late stage clinical development. The company is HQ’d in London with a research facility in Cambridge (UK) and further offices in New York and Belgium.

The ‘Benevolent Platform’ is a unique machine intelligence technology system built to mine new knowledge from vast quantities of biomedical data, propose treatments and design drugs to enable its world leading scientists to bring new treatments to patients faster.

We are working on applying tech to real problems, and see real outcomes and the fruits of our labour by working on a meaningful mission. We do our job ‘Because it matters’ and live by the philosophy that unconventional thinking together with purposeful technology can have an impact on humanity.

The working environment is agile and we work in cross functional teams. We encourage a culture of learning, developing and challenging the status quo to foster dynamic, entrepreneurial behaviours, innovation and a ‘fail fast’ mentality.

Alongside all of this we can offer excellent benefits (learn more at, a global reach and the ability to work with the best talent in the industry.

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