Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist, you will be a core team member of our high impact team based in New York. You will work alongside AI researchers, ML engineers, bioinformaticians, systems biologists and drug discoverers to find new therapies for devastating diseases and scale our ability to do so through data.

As a Data Scientist with direct experience in the life sciences, you will help us transform our vast body of data into actionable insights and evidence that make their way to our experimental pipelines and products.

You will apply your skills to rigorously understand and evaluate the quality of our data and algorithms, sometimes using data visualisation. You will work in cross-functional teams, at the interface between our internal users investigating the biology of disease, and our engineering and AI teams building technology.

You will help accelerate both the translation of our data and insights into preclinical experiments, and the development of our products by prototyping new and valuable ideas.

You will directly contribute to discovering therapies for some of the thousands of diseases that have no treatment today. We are excited for you to come meet the challenge!

Job Overview & Key responsibilities

At Benevolent AI, we redesign drug discovery from engineering-first principles. Grounded in data, AI and the life sciences, we build products that enable us and our partners to discover drugs in a faster and more reliable way, to better serve patients with high unmet medical need. The Data Scientist is at the heart of our operations, transforming our data into valuable tools for drug discovery.


  • MS in relevant fields, such as Data Science, Computer Science, Systems Biology or Computational Biology

  • Industry experience as a data scientist (2 years preferred)

  • Experience and familiarity with public domain data sources in life sciences

  • Skilled in Python (specifically, the data scientist toolkit including pandas, matplotlib, seaborn/plotly, Jupyter notebook)

  • Good scientific understanding of molecular biology and genomics

  • Highly motivated to contribute to our mission

  • Team oriented, able to thrive in a multidisciplinary environment

  • Excellent communicator, especially when it comes to colleagues from other specialties

  • Plus: data visualisation expertise


  • Develop algorithms and methods to turn large biological datasets (knowledge graphs, omics data, patient data, preclinical data) into rich metadata that directly guides the identification of biological targets

  • Engineer your solutions in the context of well-maintained and well-documented code bases

  • Develop and uphold high quality scientific standards for the rigorous evaluation of data science pipelines and their underlying data

  • Work directly with users to understand their needs and iterate on solutions


The company offers competitive salaries depending on experience as well as annual bonus, share options scheme, health plan, 25 days holiday.

About the NY office

We are a rapidly-growing group of 25 people from a diverse background from engineering to the life sciences. We are deeply connected to our mission: too many diseases remain untreated, and we believe it matters to build a better engine for drug discovery. Our culture is open and collaborative: our problem space is hard enough, so we create an open space for innovation. We maintain strong ties with our home office, with regular inter-office travel and transatlantic, highly collaborative teams.

Our team holds one of the key products for redesigning drug discovery: Target Identification - finding the most likely biological drivers of disease. This is one of the hardest problems in drug discovery.

We are located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, with beautiful views of New York in a friendly environment. Come join us!

About BenevolentAI

BenevolentAI, founded in 2013, is an advanced technology company focused on accelerating the journey from data to medicines. It is the world’s only technology company with end-to-end capability from early discovery to late stage clinical development. The company is HQ’d in London with a research facility in Cambridge (UK) and further offices in New York and Belgium.

The ‘Benevolent Platform’ is a unique machine intelligence technology system built to mine new knowledge from vast quantities of biomedical data, propose treatments and design drugs to enable its world leading scientists to bring new treatments to patients faster.

We are working on applying tech to real problems, and see real outcomes and the fruits of our labour by working on a meaningful mission. We do our job ‘Because it matters’ and live by the philosophy that unconventional thinking together with purposeful technology can have an impact on humanity.

The working environment is agile and we work in cross functional teams. We encourage a culture of learning, developing and challenging the status quo to foster dynamic, entrepreneurial behaviours, innovation and a ‘fail fast’ mentality.

Alongside all of this we can offer excellent benefits (learn more at, a global reach and the ability to work with the best talent in the industry.

Please be advised that we will hold and process your Personal Data for continuous recruitment purposes (this is irrespective of your success in this application or not) in line with vital regulatory requirements. Under GDPR/DPA2018, you have the right to be informed, access, restrict, correct or ask us to delete your Personal Data. More details available on our Privacy Notice (