Chemoinformatics Data Scientist

BenevolentAI, founded in 2013, creates and applies AI technologies to transform the way medicines are discovered and developed. BenevolentAI seeks to improve patient’s lives by applying technology designed to generate better data decision making and in doing so lower drug development costs, decrease failure rates and increase the speed at which medicines are generated. The company has developed the Benevolent Platform™ - a discovery platform used by BenevolentAI scientists to find new ways to treat disease and personalise drugs to patients.

BenevolentAI is HQ’d in London with a research facility in Cambridge (UK) and further offices in New York and Antwerp. BenevolentAI has active R&D drug programmes from discovery to PhaseIIb in disease areas such as ALS, Parkinson’s, Ulcerative Colitis and Sarcopenia.

The role

You will have the opportunity to contribute to this high performing cross-functional team who seek to apply their knowledge in the high impact field of improving our capability in drug discovery.

We’ve assembled an exceptionally diverse, talented and spirited team who sincerely enjoy coming to work every single day to bring their ideas and real passion for new technology and medicine discovery. You will work alongside recognised thought leaders at the cross section of Machine Learning and Chemistry data, with plenty of interaction with drug discovery researchers.

You'll become a pioneer within a novel multidisciplinary field combining AI and drug discovery, be given autonomy and freedom to define your own role using state of the art technologies within a supportive and meritocratic flat structure with plethora of opportunities to build and develop your skills both internally and externally within a company that cares.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Building predictive models and applying innovative ideas and best practices in their generation.

  • Contribute to building the Benevolent Platform™primarily developing in Python

  • Provide Cheminformatics and compound design support and data analysis for the Drug Discovery programmes undertaken by BenevolentAI.

  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with members of the Chemoinformatics, Bioinformatics, Drug Discovery, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Engineering, UX and Product teams to deliver BenevolentAI corporate strategic goals.

We’re looking for someone with...

  • PhD in the field of Cheminformatics, Computational Chemistry, Molecular Modelling or a closely related field.

  • Strong in at least one programming language.

  • Applied these ideas and implemented methods for real world chemistry related problems.

  • Basic understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Strong programming and technical skills and familiar with open source and proprietary Cheminformatics libraries e.g. RDKit or other leading industry toolkits.

  • Innovator of new ideas and approaches in the Chemoinformatics and Computational Chemistry fields of research, as demonstrated by appropriate papers, presentations, or code contributions to open source projects.

  • Capable of processing and deriving novel insights from large chemical data resources, e.g. ChEMBL, SureChEMBL, and PubChem.

  • A solid understanding of chemical descriptors and property predictors, including their appropriate application and potential pitfalls.

  • Excellent communicator, especially when working with colleagues from other specialities.

Preferred qualifications

  • Prior experience of drug discovery project support, such as implementing compound library design, QSAR, docking, virtual screening, molecular fragmentation, structure-based drug design, pharmacophore generation and analysis, or multi-parameter optimisation.

  • Experience with popular machine learning libraries would be advantageous e.g. scikit-learn, PyTorch, TensorFlow.

  • Experience with large-scale chemical information representation, extraction, indexing, analysis and innovation.

Who are we?

We have assembled a diverse, exceptionally talented and spirited team to tackle the most pressing and challenging problems at the intersection of artificial intelligence and drug discovery. We bring our ideas and passion for new technology and medicine discover to life by questioning traditional scientific dogmas.

Our core values reflect who we are and how we work and they are so important to achieve our mission: Bring better medicine to patients faster.

Put patients first | Drive to delivery | Break boundaries | Own the solution.

Watch our team talking about the work we do at BenevolentAI

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