Backend Software Engineer

What’s our vision?

BenevolentAI harnesses artificial intelligence to accelerate scientific discovery by making sense of highly fragmented information to develop new medicines for hard to treat diseases, using AI as a force for good.

Our software engineers work in multi-functional squads working alongside the best scientists, machine learning gurus, world-renowned biologists, and extraordinary scientists to make the world a better place.

Our goal is to bring together world-class Scientists and Machine Learning Researchers to accelerate the discovery of therapeutic treatments for human diseases. This is an ideal role if you are passionate about any of the following domains: the Biomedical/ Medicinal Chemistry and machine learning, and if you would be excited by the opportunity to grow your skills in these areas.

We offer a great opportunity to explore and experiment with the state of the art tech stack and product to bring it to another level. You will also have the freedom to learn more within the role through regular in-house presentations and other training and develop your career in a highly challenging, but rewarding role.

To learn more about our Squads and what you'll be working on follow this link or scroll down.

What’s your mission?

  • Develop the platform to provide a scalable infrastructure and own the intelligent search technology to facilitate ground-breaking discoveries. Some example projects are:

    • Developing our drug discovery platform.

    • Extending and managing the world’s largest biomedical knowledge graph.

    • Productizing and serving AI models built for drug discovery.

    • Getting involved in microservice-style web services, database servers, graph data structures, all of which are deployed onto our Kubernetes cluster.

  • Ensure Agile best practice are followed and the software is resilient enough for our scientists to rely upon.

  • Pioneer the creation of leading database servers, graph data structures, distributed computing and data repositories (mixture of local development servers and cloud).

  • Advocate high-quality engineering and best-practice in production software, automation as well as rapid prototypes as a part of Agile multi-functional squads.

  • Iterate rapidly based on user feedback and experiment with different ideas, without losing sight of engineering quality.

  • Be pragmatic and flexible - adapting your approach to work on hackathons, MVPs and long lived products.

  • Be willing to share and champion your opinion on technical direction, and contribute to the mix of ideas.

What do you need to succeed?

  • You have completed a degree in Computer science (BSc/MSc/PhD) or related academic discipline.

  • Computer Science or related academic background.

  • Experience in commercial environment as a software engineer or relevant roles.

  • Proven track records for building complex applications, dealing with complex data, and delivering user experiences with attention to code quality and testing.

  • Extra credits to published front-end or visualization work, experience with DevOps, and experience in fields related to drug discovery.

  • You must be a strong communicator who can explain what is required to build and deliver great software products, as well as a great team player willing to listen to other colleagues concerns and freely raise your own.

  • Experience in a range of technologies. The willingness to be flexible and humble matters more to us than evangelism over set technologies, however a robust knowledge of some of these is needed:

    • Backend: Python + flask, Java 8 + Spring, Microservices architecture, SQL/NoSQL/Graph Databases, REST APIs, GraphQL

    • Infrastructure and DevOps: Docker, GitLab, Kubernetes, CI

About BenevolentAI

BenevolentAI, founded in 2013, is an advanced technology company focused on accelerating the journey from data to medicines. It is the world’s only technology company with end-to-end capability from early discovery to late stage clinical development. The company is HQ’d in London with a research facility in Cambridge (UK) and further offices in New York and Belgium.

The ‘Benevolent Platform’ is a unique machine intelligence technology system built to mine new knowledge from vast quantities of biomedical data, propose treatments and design drugs to enable its world leading scientists to bring new treatments to patients faster.

We are working on applying tech to real problems, and see real outcomes and the fruits of our labour by working on a meaningful mission. We do our job ‘Because it matters’ and live by the philosophy that unconventional thinking together with purposeful technology can have an impact on humanity.

The working environment is agile and we work in cross functional teams. We encourage a culture of learning, developing and challenging the status quo to foster dynamic, entrepreneurial behaviours, innovation and a ‘fail fast’ mentality.

Alongside all of this we can offer excellent benefits (learn more at, a global reach and the ability to work with the best talent in the industry.

Please be advised that we will hold and process your Personal Data for continuous recruitment purposes (this is irrespective of your success in this application or not) in line with vital regulatory requirements. Under GDPR/DPA2018, you have the right to be informed, access, restrict, correct or ask us to delete your Personal Data. More details available on our Privacy Notice (