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blog May 31, 2017

Join the special interest group on artificial intelligence in biomedicine.

Author: Celine Lature

Initiated after the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Bioscience Symposium in 2016, the special interest group on AI in Biomedicine aims at stimulating debate and encouraging collaboration between experts in life science and AI.

“The impact of artificial intelligence on bioscience research is only just beginning, but ultimately it will change the way bioscience is conducted. Bioscience data is increasing at an exponential rate and extracting new knowledge and value from this global data resource is complex. It requires data scientists and bio-scientists to work differently and collaboratively” said Jackie Hunter, CEO BenevolentBio at the Symposium in 2016.

The group has been developed by Knowledge Quarter partners including The Alan Turing Institute, BenevolentAI, The Francis Crick Institute, UCL and The Wellcome Trust.  The aim is to share learning, impart knowledge on the latest developments and advancements in AI and biomedicine, encourage networking and generate open collaboration and discussion between experts in AI, machine learning and biomedical scientists.

We encourage and welcome anyone who has an interest in AI and biomedicine,  whether you are an expert in your domain, professor, student, engineer, data scientist, biologist, academic or member of industry – all are welcome.



How often does the group meet?

The group meets on a regular basis at an evening event hosted by one of the member’s organisations. The format of the meet-up is two/three short talks followed by an opportunity for networking with refreshments.

How does the group operate?

Initially a Steering Group of some key London Knowledge Quarter partners (The Alan Turing Institute, BenevolentAI, The Francis Crick Institute, UCL and The Wellcome Trust) would plan the meetings but suggestions for topics for discussion are very welcome.

What is the value participating?



If you would like to promote your company, its work or a specific project that involves integrating Artificial Intelligence in biomedicine, we would welcome you to produce a poster to display in the networking area.  To apply for the next meet-up, please send your abstract to [email protected]


How to participate?

If you wish to participate to these meetings, please fill up the form 



** Next events ** 


27 March 2017 at UCL BaseKX

27 June 2017 at the Francis Crick Institute

14 September 2017 at the British Library |