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blog Oct 6, 2016

Florence and the Machine (...or the NVIDIA DGX-1 to be precise)

Author: BenevolentAI

So, our VP of Engineering Derek Wise has just returned from a pilgrimage to Amsterdam which saw him taking in the sights, sounds and tech chat at this year’s GTC Europe.

As well as having a busy schedule – which saw him talking to an audience of 1,700 delegates about the application of AI technology for the advancement of knowledge, and the occasional interview with the world’s media – he also unveiled the new name for BenevolentAI’s new AI supercomputer…formerly known as the NVIDIA DGX-1. Having had hundreds of suggestions from across the world, we’ve named our new machine…



Named after the founder of modern nursing – and not the flame haired singer of Glastonbury fame – she’ll be sitting alongside other luminaries such as ‘Fat Boy Slim’ and ‘The Quad Father’ – our other servers. A special mention needs to be given to Nick Nettleton founder of Loft Digital who came up with this rather poignant name. As a result, we have donated an NVIDIA GTX 1080 to a charity of his choice – in this case the charity is Special Effect UK which supports disabled children in enjoying video games where they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

A big thanks also to all those who suggested a name and long may our ‘lady of the lamp’ help us to shine a light on new and usable knowledge that benefits our modern society.