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blog Oct 25, 2017

Bear - The Interns' Departure

Author: Bear

A few months ago, some humans from UCL (presumably the Universal Canine League) came and sat near my bed-desk and started scribbling on whiteboards without so much as a second glance at the tennis ball I dropped on to their workbench. I was even told off for disturbing them while they work – the cheek of it!

Despite this bumpy beginning, I’ve actually grown rather fond of these so-called ‘interns’. Receptionist says that having the interns in has promoted knowledge sharing, both within the company and between Benevolent and our knowledge partners (of which UCL is one). Apparently, this knowledge sharing business is the best way to go about fostering innovative ideas – and we like those.

For me, though, I think the best and most important part of welcoming these humans into our office is that the belly rub count has increased significantly (and moreover, has been consistent!) Usually when we have new humans here, there’s a short surge in belly rubs, but that gradually decreases over time as things like work and job satisfaction get in the way. For some reason, these interns are different; they’ve introduced a vibrancy into the office which directly correlates with boosted tummy scratches.

I know they say that you shouldn’t choose your favourite in a litter, but one intern human has really stood out for me. Chris has really proven himself as a great team player. He's very experienced with collaborative projects (he has a chocolate Labrador with whom he plays fetch almost daily) and his love for the outdoors means that I've spent plenty of time pulling him around on our leash in the rain. Lovely!

Then again, Anna is highly qualified in finding sticks to throw - an asset which has proven to be invaluable here at BAI. I even secretly borrowed her scarf to chew and she didn't say anything! Now that is friendship.

And we mustn't forget about Richard! His ability to make the postman go away is almost as good as Receptionist's. Saying that, though, he never lets me eat the presents the postman gives him (and he keeps insisting that I call them 'envelopes'! Madness!)

Oh gosh, maybe I can't choose...

But the point remains - I like them a lot. I'll be sad to see them go, but word in the park is that we'll be doing this internship programme thing again next year. So stay tuned for more updates on belly scratches!



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