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news Feb 13, 2018

Digital Innovators: Q&A with BenevolentAI founder and chairman Ken Mulvany

Last year BenevolentAI was identified as one of 50 of the freshest and most inspiring digital companies using technology and innovation to shake up their sectors in our Digital Innovators Power List. Following a public vote and after careful consideration by supporting partners and judges, it was named as one of the top 10 Digital Innovators. Later this year two of these companies will be identified as a "life changer" or a "market transformer"

Founder and chairman Ken Mulvany tells us his long-term vision for the company and gives us insight into why it's one of the UK's leading digital innovators.

Talk me through the business. What sparked the idea? How do you compete with other players/what sets you apart?

The idea came from my experience of founding and running Proximagen, a biotech (sold in 2012 for $555m). I saw an exponential rise in the volume of scientific information and how the scientific industry was finding it impossible to read and use all that vast complex data effectively. This was having a negative effect on the rate of new discoveries. I founded BenevolentAI to try and do two very specific things i) build a technology that could ingest, read and contextualise all of the worlds’ available bioscience information to establish facts from that information – essentially a definitive connected knowledge of bioscience; ii) enable the technology to reason on those facts and create completely new ideas and inventions – in the first instance finding treatments and cures for disease. 

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