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news Sep 9, 2016

BenevolentAI appoints artificial intelligence industry pioneer as CEO of Benevolent Technology

London, 08 September 2016 – BenevolentAI, a leading British artificial intelligence (“AI”) company that specialises in harnessing AI to advance scientific discovery, today announced it has appointed IBM Watson’s Vice President of Watson Platform; Jérôme Pesenti as CEO of its technology division, BenevolentTech. Jerome will also join the main board of BenevolentAI, the group holding company.

Jérôme Pesenti
Jérôme is a world leading pioneer in AI and has been focused on big data and machine learning for the past 16 years. He joins BenevolentAI from IBM Watson where he created and led the development of the Watson Platform – a set of cloud services leveraging natural language processing and machine learning that allows developers around the world to embed AI technologies into their applications. At IBM Jérôme also held the role of Chief Scientist for the core IBM Big Data product portfolio. Prior to joining IBM, Jérôme co-founded search and text analytics company Vivisimo that was acquired by IBM in 2012.

BenevolentAI is a British technology company harnessing the power of AI to enhance and accelerate scientific discovery by turning the world’s highly fragmented scientific research data into new insight and usable knowledge that benefits society. Simply put, the company is bringing people and technology together to revolutionise the process of scientific discovery. 

The technology has already been validated in the area of human health where AI is being used and developed to find treatments in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. One of Jérôme’s key roles will be to develop and drive the wider applications of BenevolentAI’s technology outside of human healthcare and drug discovery.

Ken Mulvany, Chairman of BenevolentAI commented: “Given Jérôme’s incredible experience in the AI and deep learning space, we’re delighted to have him on board. As a company we are making exciting progress in human healthcare and drug discovery but our ambition is to use our technology to accelerate all scientific discovery and apply AI to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Jérôme’s appointment signals a huge leap forward, not only for our technology team, but for our overall vision.”

Jérôme Pesenti, CEO of BenevolentTech, said: “BenevolentAI is one of the fastest growing and most exciting companies operating in AI and I am delighted to be joining the team. BenevolentAI has a unique approach that brings together experts from AI together with experts in the relevant field of application, like drug discovery. It offers the unique opportunity to create impactful AI technology which can truly augment scientific research and bring enormous benefits to society as a result. This was a major factor in my decision to join the company, and one I want to help us realise in the coming months and years.”