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tech Jan 17, 2018

INTERNSHIP | Machine Learning Researcher


Join the BenevolentAI team in London and have a direct impact on the goals of our company by advancing drug discovery. We offer a great opportunity to do what you like, while doing something that will improve and save millions of people’s lives.

We are looking for MSc or PhD students/graduates in Computer Science/Maths/Physics with demonstrated experience and knowledge of Machine Learning. The Machine Learning Research Interns will integrate into our cross functional working environment and contribute to this high-performing team who seek to apply their knowledge in the high impact field of improving human’s capability in drug discovery.

BenevolentAI is the global leader in the development and application of AI for scientific innovation and one of the world’s top five private AI companies. It is transforming the process of scientific discovery by enabling previously unimaginable scientific advances in the accelerated development of new medicines.


Reasoning in Knowledge Graph for Drug Discovery

As part of the AI research team, you will contribute to the development and evaluation of methods for automatic reasoning in a knowledge graph of biomedical facts. The application is the discovery of new drugs. You will be using state-of the-art techniques in deep learning, machine learning and graph theory.


Deep Learning information extraction

As part of the AI research team, you will work on new state-of-the-art NLP methods for Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction using deep learning techniques. The challenge is to improve over our in-house methods for automatic information extraction from biomedical literature and patents.


Deep Learning & Cheminformatics

You will be using deep learning and machine learning for analysis of chemical properties and generation of new molecules. You will learn modern machine learning and deep learning methods and how they apply to the field of cheminformatics. You will engage in designing and building algorithms for the prediction of chemical properties and suggesting new molecules to our in-house drug scientists.



Please send a covering letter & CV to this email  

Note: if you have one or more project preference(s), please let us know in your application.



We understand you may have more questions about the internships or the company. If you do, feel free to drop us an email at (please do not send your applications to this email unless you experience any problems sending your application via the application email.)



Nationality and visas: BenevolentAI is accepting applications from students who are UK and European nationals. Nationals from other countries with a valid student visa who are allowed to work in the UK may also apply.

Salary: We offer remuneration for the duration of the internships. However, remuneration remains subject to the University regulations & T&C’s - should they not comply to our policy, we reserve the right to review the salary allowance.