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bio Jan 30, 2017

Chem/Bioinformatics Data Scientists and Developers

BenevolentAI harnesses artificial intelligence to enhance and accelerate scientific discovery by making sense of highly fragmented information to create new insights and usable knowledge that benefit society.


Based on a year of strong validation of the core AI technology of the company, and substantial progress in extension of the data content, automated annotation, and tools based on our proprietary biomedical knowledge graph. We are expanding our chem- and bioinformatics activities. Handling and manipulation of chemical and biological information, combined with our artificial intelligence approaches will allow us to take drug design and discovery to the next level, and are core to the company achieving its ambitious corporate goals.

We have eight new positions available to join our existing team of biomedical informatics data scientists; these will be available potentially at entry, mid, or senior levels depending on the background and experience of the candidates. Indicative roles and skill sets are outlined below, but most important to us are strong technical skills and a track record of achievement and innovation.

Indicative Roles/Profile:


We offer a great opportunity to do what you like while doing something that will improve and save millions of people lives. Please email your CV and a covering letter to